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Linwood Raker is a competent resource partner offering a fast, flexible and cost effective co-packing service. Our experience is too diverse to list, but has included simple over / relabelling projects, through to the collection, refurbishment, storage and return of Christmas decorations for a major retailer.

In 2014 we managed the ‘logistics’ aspect of the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red (Tower of London Poppies) installation.

This highly sensitive and high profile project demanded absolute secrecy, precision and multi layered management interfaces with a number of organisations.

A total of 888,246 highly fragile ceramic poppies were cleaned, packed and dispatched in a 31 day period.

We also sourced and designed the adaptive packaging that ensured breakages were kept to an absolute minimum (HRP / IWM references on request).

All of our ‘section leaders’ are our own employees who manage flexible teams according to the project size and duration.


Linwood Raker pride ourselves on having excellent customer service backed by a proactive attitude.

We form close relationships with our customers and achieve a high degree of empathy that allows us to understand the needs of the customer, often, before they realise their needs themselves.

Cost Effective

We maintain low and well controlled overheads, this allows us to understand our costs and challenges at each stage in the supply chain and address them to the mutual benefit of our customers.

Working together with both suppliers and customers, we produce high quality products at the best price.


Speed of response, in all areas of our business, is absolutely critical, as is the 2-way sharing of information and communication networks installed to preserve them.

Linwood Raker is highly regarded by our clients for our ability to react and to turn around bespoke projects within very tight timescales.

Product Applications

  • FSDU’s: We have extensive experience in the design, sourcing, manufacture and co-packing of 3D temporary Floor Standing Display units. We can advise your manufacturer on many aspects of design, particularly where there needs to be a consideration for packing efficiency and for the shipping of packed units.
  • SRP’s: We can design, manufacture or supply Shelf Ready Packaging for any application. This extends to dealing with your design / creative agency and turning your artwork into a finished product. We have access to most retail SRP guidelines and understand the need for compliance and cost effectiveness at every stage of the SRP life cycle.
  • Pick / Pack: We have secure premises and adaptable systems for the storage and inventory management controls of your product. We can interface with your eCommerce package and perform seamless and efficient pick / pack and dispatch.
  • Light Assembly: Many imported goods are shipped disassembled for space efficiency. We can unpack, assemble and then repack into fresh and sometimes decorative packaging more appropriate for effective point of sale.
  • Packaging Material Sourcing: With our background in corrugated and general packaging we have a reliable and cost effective network of suppliers that are able to supply all kinds of packaging necessary to fulfil the required project.
  • Logistics: We operate manifesto interfaces, on our client’s behalf, with most of the major shipping networks. This allows us to deal directly with the agents and organisations without the risk of misinterpretation or wasted time.

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