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Linwood Raker supply ‘Barrier and Release’ paper liners and paper packaging products. We manufacture all of our products from natural vegetable, plant materials or virgin pulp, sourced from sustainable resources. 

Our paper packaging products can withstand extremes of temperature and have excellent strength properties, particularly when ‘wet’ and can also reduce the need for fats and oils.

Coated paper liners can be combined with corrugated board to provide an innovative and strong alternative to plastic packaging. This cost effective and versatile offering presents a vast array of packaging possibilities. Most board and coating combinations are 100% recyclable.


Linwood Raker pride ourselves on having excellent customer service backed by a proactive attitude.

We form close relationships with our customers and achieve a high degree of empathy that allows us to understand the needs of the customer, often, before they realise their needs themselves.


We ensure that our products are stringently controlled throughout each stage of the manufacturing process.

This is achieved by a system of procedures, backed by our BRC ‘High Risk’ Hygiene accreditation.


We understand that speed to market is critical, particularly in the NPD supply chain.

We are highly regarded by our clients for our ability to react and to turn around bespoke projects within very tight timescales.

Product Applications

  • Food–on-the-go: We’re able to supply a full suite of stock and bespoke packaging materials, which are suitable for direct food contact. These may include kraft papers, wax-papers, grease-proof, parchments and more. We can supply paper sheets, reels or bespoke die-cut shapes. Typical applications for these papers would be gastro pubs, restaurants, cafés, coffee shops or fast food outlets.
  • Bakery: We manufacture and supply coated papers for ‘Commercial’ and ‘High Street’ bakeries or patisseries. These can be bespoke or to common stock sizes and can be supplied in an array of paper weights and types such as grease-proof, siliconised, waxed papers or parchments. Whether manufacturing cookies, cakes, pastries or bread we have a suitable paper for your application.
  • Deli: We manufacture a wide range of paper based packaging styles for ‘deli counter’ applications.  These can be plain or printed with bespoke artwork and specified to be suitable for cooked and uncooked meats, cheeses and pastry.
  • Raw Meats: Barrier coated papers are ideal for the separation, presentation and packaging of raw meats. From burgers to mince, chicken & fish, we have a suitable paper for butchers, fishmongers and farm shops.
  • Cheese: We supply papers with speciality coatings for cheese and butter that are often highly decorative and suitable for presentation at the point of sale on shelf or in the deli counter.
  • Confectionery: Specialist papers for sweet pastry applications deliver an efficient and cost effective processing option. Coated papers often negate the need for oils and fats and will give a purer taste as well as presenting a clean surface for the consumer to enjoy.
  • Siliconised release liners: Suitable for industrial & chemical applications such as double sided tape separators, bitumen and butyl extruding, and for the packaging of hot melt adhesive. The heat resilient properties mean that these can be used in processes where temperatures exceed 150 degrees.
  • Superfine Papers: Such as clay coated kraft, glassine and super calendared kraft with varying degrees of ‘release level’ to suit your application. These are available in reels, sheets or die cut pieces.

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